Watch Your Food Grow at Home with Mushroom Grow Kits

-All kits are Guaranteed to fruit🍄and can fruit multiple times if cared for properly.
-Grow high quality mushrooms for consumption at home with our large (4.3 lbs) mushroom grow kits.
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Proper Care Instructions

  • 1.Take Away the designated cut-out area and use a sterilized sharp knife to cut an X on the bag inside.

  • 2.Place your block where ambient light is present but NO direct sunlight with temperatures in the range of 18-26C

  • 3.Spray as needed until Humidity is consistently above 70% (try to avoid spraying directly on the mushrooms)

  • 4.Ensure there is airflow and that there are no obstructions of the vents on the habitat, or any enclosure used.

  • 5.Harvest by firmly holding the cluster from the base and slowly twisting and pulling it off the substrate.

  • 6.Continue the same care routine for the block and allow 5-12 days for the next flush depending on the strain.

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